Adria-Tow, d.o.o. provides vessel towing services in the Port of Koper.

The company was established in 1992 by Luka Koper, d.d. and Ocean s.r.l. from Trieste, each holding a 50 % stake.

Tariff of towage and General towage conditions are available on 

Short history of the company

25 February 1992 Luka Koper, p.o. and Tripnavi S.p.a. Trieste founded the company Adria-Tow
8 July 1996 The company Ocean S.r.l. purchased a 49% ownership stake of Tripnavi.S.p.a. Trieste.
1 October 1996 Towing services were introduced in the Port of Koper using the tug boats Kiklop and Komet.
1 December 1998 Towing services were first provided by three tug boats – Kiklop, Komet and Mars, the latter being leased.
29 December 2000 Increase in the company’s capital – the company’s equity increased to SIT 23,866,000 and the ownership stakes changed; the new ratio being 50% : 50%.
2001 The fleet was modernised – Komet and Kiklop were sold and the tug boats Wotan (18 April 2001) and Sirius (5 September 2001) bought.
22 April 2002 The tug boat Maks, which had by then been leased, was purchased.
27 August 2002 The tug boat Maks was registered in the Slovenian Ship Register.
December 2006 The new tug boat Zeus was delivered to Adria-Tow.
February 2011 The tug boat Neptun was launched.
June 2011 The tug boat Neptun was delivered to Adria-Tow.
January 2017 Tug boat Mercur delivered to Adria-Tow
2021 tug boat Maks sold
2023 tug Ares joins the fleet


Robert Gerk

General Manager

Suzana Vižintin

Desk officer

Rok Golja

Head of Operational-Technical Department

Dragana Radujko

Person in charge for agency department

Milan Peroša

Person in charge for agency department